Sunrise over Lake Bled from Ojstrica

Through Spring, Summer and Autumn the sun rises over the mountains behind Bled Lake, and from the viewpoint of Ojstrica it makes for a great photo, weather permitting, Here's the story behind the photo.

The magic moment.

At the icon view of the church of Saint Thomas in Slovenia, I headed out one summer morning after the weather forecast showed the promise of a misty scene.

Lake Bled from Ojstrica

The story behind the shot. Making a success out of failure. The intention on this morning was to capture the sun rising over the mountains behind the island church of the assumption of Mary on Lake Bled, from the classic viewpoint of Ojstrica. It was likely my last chance, because soon the sun would move too far south for the autumn and winter.

An eye for detail in the rain

The little things count When it rains there are still potential photos. In many cases the trick is to look for small details and moments of light. In this photo, taken on my Autumn in...

Blood Micro Moon 2018

Full Blood Micro moon on July 27th 2018 This was the longest lunar eclipse this century, lasting 1 hour and 43 minutes, and it was also in alignment with the planet Mars. This total lunar eclipse...

Lying down on the Job – How I got the shot

It’s often believed that photography is easy: just turn up and click the shutter, right? But 99% of the time that couldn’t be further from the truth. However, on this occasion it is hard to deny.