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Full moon rising over the edge of the Kamnik Alps behind Tunjice church, Slovenia.

Caught by Surprise

Sometimes a moment takes you by complete surprise. This evening was no exception. I was on a hike up to Smlednik Castle with my family. From this viewpoint you get a fabulous panoramic view of the Kamnik and Julian Alps. However, looking at the conditions I hadn’t expected much to happen. Even so, I have learned never to leave my camera in the car. A lesson learned the hard way in the past. Well, thank god I had learned that lesson….

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Jamnik church of Saints Primus and Felician at sunrise with the twin spires of Sveti Jost in the distance. This church is perched on a hill on the Jelovica Plateau, Slovenia.

Knowing your location

I went to Jamnik yesterday for sunrise because the clear outside app showed there would be fog. Sadly, there was no fog. However, local knowledge meant I could adapt and find something like this.

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