Search for the light

It’s all about the light and not about photoshop. While many believe that photoshop is some kind of magic tool for photographers, it isn’t.

The light is our magic tool. It determines from the very start how our image will look. You could never turn the image on the left into the image on the right using software and make it look natural.

Tree on Vogel Mountain Ski Resort in Autumn with the Julian Alps breaking through the clouds, in the background, Triglav national Park, Slovenia

On the left image cloud has thrown the tree and foreground into shade. So both are devoid of colour and texture. However, light is still falling on the mountains and the two people in the lower right corner. The patch of white brightly lit cloud behind has also helped make the people stand out.

But on the right photo, the cloud cleared and sunlight fell on the foreground and tree, bringing out the colour and texture of the tree.

Therefore the different type of light here has created two entirely different scenes.

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