Lake Bohinj in Winter, Slovenia

Winter is here

It’s been a crazy winter so far. Snow has been and gone, cold one minute and warm the next. The whole thing has made me nostalgic for a time when winter was truly winter. One such time was way back in 2006 when Slovenia was having one the coldest and snowiest winters I have ever experienced, both here and elsewhere.

Since then the winters in Slovenia have been unpredictable at best, but have over the years brought some great snowy conditions.

You can see a selection of my best snowy photos here:

However, there are always places in the world where you can guarantee that snow will fall and turn it into a winter wonderland. Lake Bohinj in Slovenia is one of them.

I took the photo above way back in 2007 with my first digital SLR, an old entry level 300D with a 6MP sensor. Since then my photography skills and my camera equipment have advanced. However, this photo is still one of my most popular, and although it has been re-edited in recent years because my post processing knowledge has improved, it still is visual proof that a great photo is not in the equipment, nor in the post processing. I may have been able to improve the processing, but one thing I cannot change is the composition. So it just goes the show that the essence of a great photo is, and always will lie in the eye of the photographer.

Merry Christmas

Christmas will soon be upon us so I’ll take this opportunity to wish everyone a very merry Xmas and a happy new year.

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Black and White Challenge on Facebook

I resisted it at first, but finally I got pulled into the black and white challenge on Facebook. It’s been quite enjoyable going through them. When I first started out in photography I bought several rolls of B&W film and went to London one grey day to shoot them. I’ve always loved the allure of B&W and while I don’t specialise in it, I do occasionally look for a scene or a subject where it might suit.

So here are a few of my favourite mono shots

The 16 Metre high Sum Waterfall in Vintgar Gorge, near Bled, Slovenia.

Beautful light breaks through the clouds as a sailing boat passes by on an otherwise empty sea at Kingsdown, Kent, England.

A lonely dark tree on the Ljubljana Marshland (Ljubljansko Barje), a large area of wetland 160 square kilometres in size.

Close up of Durdle Door as the last wisp of light disappears over the horizon at dusk, Dorset, England. Durdle door is one of the many stunning locations to visit on the Jurassic coast in southern England.

Longships Lighthouse at Lands End, photographed at sundown. Built on the Longships rocks in 1875 at the far southwestern tip of the British Isles, a notoriously deadly section of ocean.

Pulpit rock at Portland Bill, near Weymouth, Jurassic Coast, Dorset, England.

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Winter Workshop on the Jurassic Coast

While we most likely won’t get snow, winter is a great time to photograph the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. You can capture this coastline at it wildest, and also during the time of year when the sun sets out at sea and brings out the best of the Jurassic Coast colours.

Join me:
Fri 26th to Sun 28th January

More info here:





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