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Golden Hour
is it best?

Is it really the best time to take photos? Here I show you how heading out at other times of the day can also produce great photos.

Sell Photos

In today's competitive world it may seem hard to make money with photography. However, new technology has made it easier.

Photograph Durdle Door

Durdle Door is a natural limestone rock arch on the stunning Jurassic Coast in Dorset. In this article I show you how to photograph it.


Sunset over Triglav Mountan beside the hilltop castle and the rest of the Julian Alps at Lake Bled, Slovenia.
Story behind the photo

Sunset over Triglav Mountain beside Bled Castle

This image far exceeded my expectations. I had been watching the sunset over Bled the evening before on the Bled webcam and saw how the sun was going down close to the Julian Alps from this perspective. So I headed out the next day.

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Full moon rising over the edge of the Kamnik Alps behind Tunjice church, Slovenia.
Story behind the photo

Caught by Surprise

Sometimes a moment takes you by complete surprise. This evening was no exception. I was on a hike up to Smlednik Castle with my family. From this viewpoint you get a fabulous panoramic view of the Kamnik and Julian Alps. However, looking at the conditions I hadn’t expected much to happen. Even so, I have learned never to leave my camera in the car. A lesson learned the hard way in the past. Well, thank god I had learned that lesson….

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Why use an L Bracket on a camera?
Photography Tips

Why use an L Bracket on a camera?

Why use an L bracket on a camera? Well, there is a good reason for this.

In this video I show you the Three Legged Thing QR11 L Bracket, how to use it and show you why it’s a great little device to have and how it can very easily allow you switch from landscape to portrait mode quickly and easily and with minimal adjustments to your composition.

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Great Photography Locations

Sunrise over a boathouse on Zaosiri Beach on the coastal area of Cunski, which lies just 8kms north of Mali Losinj on Losinj Island, Croatia. The strip of land to the left is Punta Kriza.
Great photography locations

Zaosiri Beach, Photographing Losinj

Upon my first ever visit to Lošinj Island I discovered a great little location called Zaosiri Beach, which is near to the little village of Cunski, just north of Mali Lošinj town.

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Great photography locations

How to Photograph Jamnik Church View

Jamnik church is perched on a hill on the Jelovica Plateau with the kamnik alps and storzic mountain in the background. In this article I’m going to show you the best places to get photographs of this great church and view.

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